“Offensive Line” 18 x 20 Oil

"El Primo" 34 x 36 Oil

“Chieftain” 16 x 24 Oil (Briscoe Museum, San Antonio TX)

“Forest Sentinels” 36 x 48 Oil ( Charlie Russell Museum)

"Morning Bugler" 30 x 36 Oil

"Black Death" 30 x 36 Oil

"Canyon Echoes" 24 x 48 Oil

A mature bull elk during the fall rut is an awesome creature to behold - his bugle is a guttural screaming crescendo, letting all rivals know of his presence. Whether this bugle is meant for the female cow elk as a “here I am baby, or a call to battle warning” is anybody's guess. All I know is that I love to hear it! His scream will carry for miles, echoing from the mountaintop and down through the canyons and timbers. It is incredible to hear and sends chills down my spine.

"Grizzly Crossing the Divide" 18 x 24 Oil

"Yukon Prime" 18 x 28 Oil (Buffalo Bill Museum)

"Mists of the Madison" 18 x 36 Oil

"Badlands Stare Down" 18 x 18 Oil

"Let the Games Begin" 36 x 48 Oil

"Black Forest Sentinel" 36 x 48 Oil

"River Babies" 30 x 40 Oil

"Prairie Winds" 18 x 36 Oil

“Rocky Mountain Bighorn” 12 x 12 Oil

“The King Speaks” 36 x 48 Oil

"Storms A Brewing" 18 x 36 Oil

"Checking The Back Trail" 16 x 24 Oil

“Free To Roam” 24 x 48 Oil

“Close Up” 12 x 12 Oil

“Vanishings” 18 x 24 Oil

“The Old Angler” 18 x 18 Oil

"Old Timer" 36 x 48 Oil

"Rear Guard" 24 x 36 Oil (Artist Collection)

"Thunder Clap" 15 x 30 Oil

"Along The Firehole River" 36 x 48 Oil

“Family Man” 24 x 36 Oil